The wheel of time:

Water-powered mills in Val di Morins

Like in a large part of the Dolomite Valleys, the Longiarù Valley also presents typical signs of a landscape moulded by the work of humans. In contrast to the touristic forts of Val Badia, Longiarù still has a rural character and is well known for its own speciality clearly visible in the "Viles" (old farms) and water-powered mills which are still well conserved along the Rio Seres river.

In balance between humans, landscape and ambience, the mills at Longiarù represent the symbols of excellence of this territory. From one side as can be witnessed through an economy of sustenance of the territory, to the other side as an expression of the economic independence of the Ladin population.


Between the "Viles" of Seres and Mischi at Longiarù in Val Badia there's a path which accompanies visitors past the various types of water-powered mills. The Val di Morins, the Ladin name for the Valley of the Mills represents a unique open air museum of its genre. There are 8 water-powered mills of various types powered by a small river flanking the pathway which is ideal for families with children.


Usually in the month of August, the mill festival is organised in the Valley of the Mills "festa di morins" in Ladin. On this occasion it's possible to observe the operation of the various types of water-powered mills, learn something about how they work, combining the crafts you can taste the typical specialities from Ladin cuisine like "les tutres" and "les furtaies."

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