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The most beautiful excursions at Longiarù in Val Badia

Hiking in Val Badia: green fields soft hills and majestic summits

Longiarù is suited for holidays with excursions in the Dolomites like few other villages in Val Badia. Directly from our chalet it's possible to leave on endless easy walkways or more demanding hikes.

Majestic peaks, scented forests, large green meadows and clear alpine lakes accompany you on your excursions at Longiarù and its surroundings. Every trekking or Nordic walking lover will find their ideal path in the Puez-Geisler nature park, a landscape full of emotion, or an unforgettable adventure.

The best hikes in Longiarù in the Dolomites

Una vacanza circondati e coccolati dalla natura

Excurison to the Genova cabin

5 h 14.5 km 1300 m

You can leave directly from our chalet. Crossing the bridge you continue in the direction of Puez and following the path from Via Crucis you reach the chapel of Saint Ujöp Freinademetz. From there you reach the Pares meadows and begin the light climb through forests on path nr. 5. With increasing altitude the view of the mountains will make you even more fascinated until you reach the meadows at Ciampecios and Fontanacia first and then Forcela and Furcia next at 2,297 m with a spectacular 360° panoramic view. From here the old Dolomite road nr. 2 brings you in a short space of time to Genova cabin. You can descend on path nr. 4 finishing off this beautiful descent.

Hiking Rifugio Genova refuge Trekking Rifugio Genova refuge Puez Ciampcios Medalghes Longiarù Dolomites Vila Mischì Longiarù

Rundwanderung um den Peitlerkofel

5 h 14.5 km 1300 m

The Sasso Putia round is possibly the most practical excursion in and around Longiarù. We'd recommend going to the carpark after the residential area at Vi in Longiarù by car and then continuing on to Göma (2,111 m) by taking path nr. 9 with a view of Sasso Putia and of Sasso Croce mountains from the other side. Descending from Göma you reach the meadows of Passo delle Erbe and then an ascent brings you to Furcela di Pütia (2,357 m). The more daring can climb to the peak of Pütia (2,875 m). We'd like to inform you that the last section includes a short but easy fixed-rope climb. The excursion is completed by passing by the meadows at Cialneur and Vasiara with the characteristic mountain huts of Val Badia.

Round tour of the Sasso Pütia Hiking round tour of the Sasso Putia Passo delle Erbe The Cialneur meadows - round tour of Sasso Putia Göma Sasso Putia Dolomites

Antersasc Valley

5 h 14.5 km 1300 m

The beauty of the Antersasc valley is undoubted, thanks to the completely unspoiled nature. It can be reached from Punt de Rü Fosch in Longiarù but also leaving from Chalet Mornà. Passing the forests, road nr. 6 which is accessible to vehicles brings you to the Cialdires pastures, one of the most beautiful places in Longiarù. Following the ascent you enter the Antersasc valley and amidst its mountains you reach the Antersasc hut where marmots are not a rare sight. Afterwards, there's the option of going to Crep das Dodesc/Cima Dodici or other surrounding peaks.

Hike tale of Antersasc in Longiarù Trekking Antersasc hut Dolomites Antersasc nature parc Puez-Odle Ski mountaineering Antersasc

Puez hut - Puez Odle

5 h 14.5 km 1300 m

This demanding excursion brings you to the heart of the Puez-Geisler nature park to Puez hut – 2,475 m. Having reached Antersasc hut path nr. 6 crosses a tight gap in the rocks during an ascent and from here there's a slight descent to the hut. For the descent there are several options, for those who are fit we'd recommend heading to Forcella Nives, up to Pid Duleda 2,909 m and then cross the Forcela dla Roa to reach the Fontanacia meadows and from there descend down towards the village of Longiarù.

The Puez refuge Hike Puez refuge View from the Puez towards Putia Col dla Sonè Puez-Odle